Yuri Nyukhalov. Artist.

 Hello! My name is Yuri. I’m from Far East of Russia, Khabarovsk city. I came to Florida 5 years ago and really enjoying myself here. I graduated College of Art in Russia and I have a solid experience in Decorative Art. I'm doing all these drawings, illustrations, sculptures, murals, carvings, characters, handwritings which you could find here in my site. I do custom art and happy to turn your ideas into real shapes and pictures.  I love to do presentations of Food Carvings in professional way with passion. To decorate any event I do a Food Carving compositions made of Cheese, Fruits, Vegetables, Chocolate, Ice depends of customer requests. Combination of about 6 years experience of working in hospitality, food & beverage, restaurant business and about 10 years in Art gives me knowledge how to create the best dining experience possible for customers and amaze them with marvelous decorations! I’m always looking for an opportunity to develop my skills and increase creativity.